Care Team Formation and Optimization for Diabetes Management

Mar 07, 2019  02:00 PM  EST

NNCC is committed to the transformation of clinical practice through the formation and optimization of high-quality care teams. NNCC developed two training programs, Formation & Optimization of Interdisciplinary Care Teams and Care Coordination: Foundations and Patient Engagement as part of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, a CMS grant. These four-hour, three module workshops were developed in collaboration with experts in care team training from Arizona State University and the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education at the University of Minnesota. Both workshops are delivered in a train-the-trainer format and help participants learn how to define and enhance interdisciplinary care teams, clarify team roles and responsibilities, and optimize continuity and define specialty primary care roles through review of resources already prepared and samples. NNCC staff have delivered these trainings as learning collaborative modules in partnership with primary care associations (PCAs). Each learning collaborative includes live presentations of the workshop content, as well as online modules orienting learners to key concepts from the workshop and an opportunity to follow-up on SMART goals around care team formation, optimization, and the coordination of care.

Featured Resources


Cohort 1: Spring of 2018 in partnership with the South Carolina PCA

  • Affinity Health Center

  • BJHCHS, Inc.

  • Care Net of Lancaster (Care Health)

  • CareSouth Carolina, Inc.

  • Carolina Health Centers

  • Community Medicine Foundation

  • Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center

  • Family Health Centers, Inc.

  • Fetter Health Care Network

  • Foothills Community Health Care, Inc.

  • HopeHealth

  • Little River Medical Center

  • New Horizon Family Health Services

  • ReGenesis Health Care

  • Rural Health Services, Inc.

  • Sandhill Medical Foundation

  • St. James Santee Family Health Center, Inc.

  • Sumter Family Health Center

Cohort 2: Summer of 2018 in partnership with the Arizona PCA

  • Maryvale Family Health Center

  • Valle del Sol Community Health

  • Community Health Center of Yavapai

  • Welsey Health Center

  • Desert Senita Community Health Center

  • El Rio Community Health Center

  • Maricopa Integrated Health System

  • Native Health

  • Sun Life Family Health Center

  • Canyonlands Healthcare

  • Terros Health

  • Adelante Healthcare

Cohort 3: Fall of 2018 in partnership with the Tennessee PCA

  • Christ Community Health Services, Administration and Outreach

  • Hardeman County Community Health Center - Bolivar Health Center

  • Hope Family Health Center

  • Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center

  • Mountain People’s Health Councils, Inc.

  • Neighborhood Health

  • QSource

  • Rural Medical Services, Inc.

  • Three Rivers Community Health Group - Perry County Medical Center

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